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The Process of Asphalt Paving

Jul 30

Asphalt is a black tarry substance used to pave roads, fill potholes, and more. This material is durable and easy to repair. Once it ages, the asphalt can be reused for new highway projects in Hershey, PA. Although asphalt is typically made from oil, it can also be produced from petroleum, molasses, rice, or potato starch. Despite these uses, the process of asphalt paving in Hershey can be a lengthy and difficult one.

The construction process begins with a precise step. In this step, the aggregate components for the asphalt pavement are weighed by a belt weigher. After they are weighed, the components are dried at 300 degrees. Once the aggregate is dried, it is weighed again and stored in silos. Depending on the size of the project, a different type of asphalt will be used. Ultimately, the pavement will be smooth and safe. For more information call our Paving Contractor Hershey.

There are several ways to measure the quality of asphalt according to our Asphalt Contractor Hershey. In addition to using a grading machine, asphalt pavers can use rollers to improve their productivity. The triaxial compression test can measure the asphalt content, the amount of asphalt, and the angle of internal friction. The results of these tests will vary by local, state, and federal organizations. In general, however, these tests are a good indicator of the quality of asphalt pavers.

In addition to road paving, asphalt is often used for dam facings, canal linings, and reservoirs. Asphalt is also used for roofs, floor tiling, and soundproofing. Its flexibility and durability make it a preferred material for roads. Asphalt has many benefits, and paving companies often work with recycled materials. The asphalt is cheap and easy to work with. There are also many types of asphalt to choose from. Don't hesitate to consult our Paving Company Hershey.

Cold mix asphalt is the most common type of asphalt. It is produced at a lower temperature than Hot Mix Asphalt and requires significantly less energy to produce. In addition, it produces fewer fumes compared to hot-mix asphalt. A reduction of 25oC will reduce the fumes by 75%. Cold mix asphalt is best suited for lightly trafficked roads. When paving, asphalt is composed of layers called binder and surface course. If you have any questions, message our Asphalt Company Hershey.

In addition to these processes, road paving can be completed using various tools. For example, drag boxes are an essential precursor to sealcoating and can be used to pave new roads. Every day people or fly-by-night contractors usually make drag box spreaders. While drag-box spreaders are more affordable than self-propelled pavers, they cannot protect a road from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, or gas leaks.

Unlike concrete, asphalt requires less time to cure. Once completed, it must be protected from traffic and other heavy equipment for 48 to 72 hours. Newly laid asphalt is prone to marks and stains for the first year. Avoid parking in the same spot daily, leaking oil, or sharp objects, and don't use it as a driveway or walkway for at least one week. Eventually, marks will fade away, and the asphalt will look new. Contact us for Asphalt Paving Hershey!

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