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Get in touch with a professional concrete driveway contractor

Jan 27

Get in touch with a professional concrete driveway contractor

Are you looking to increase your home's worth? A new drive can improve safety and increase property value. The wide variety of styles and materials available can make it difficult to choose the right driveway for you.

Phoenix Concrete Contractors is one of the leading concrete driveway contractors for AZ. They believe that concrete driveways offer the best solution for homeowners.

Continue reading to learn about concrete driveway installations and to request a quote.

What Should You Do With a Concrete Driveway?

The concrete driveway is still the most popular option for homeowners. A concrete driveway contractor can install the slabs to withstand heavy traffic.

Property owners must answer the question of whether a concrete driveway can be used. It's not whether the driveway is functional. But, it's whether they are worth your money. A concrete driveway is a wise investment. These are the main reasons.

  • Concrete driveways are durable and can last between 30 and 50 years with very little maintenance. Asphalt driveways are typically only 50 to 60 percent longer.
  • Weather: Concrete's remarkable ability to handle heat and cold is one reason it is so popular. Asphalt and other asphalt materials can change in size and shape with seasonal temperatures. This causes cracks. Concrete stays more solid and reflects the sun to maintain a steady temperature.
  • Concrete's low expansion and contraction rates, as well as its robust weight-bearing capability, make concrete an excellent choice for property owners that don't have the time or desire to undertake more annual chores. This low-maintenance option offers decades of service without the need for ongoing upkeep.
  • Resale: Concrete driveways add curb appeal. Concrete driveways provide buyers with the convenience of knowing that there won't be any ongoing maintenance.

A concrete driveway installation is worth it because of its high return on investment. A paved driveway can boost property values by as high as 10% Other estimates show that the return of investment for paving a previously paved driveway is between 50-75%. Read more about investing in a concrete driveway here.

What does a concrete driveway cost?

Concrete driveways can be installed for as low as $4 to $15 per square footage, and an average cost of $6 per sq. foot. There are many factors that can influence the cost, such as the size of your driveway, slab reinforcement, where it is located, decorative aspects, and whether you need to have it removed. Some other factors that are often overlooked include:

  • Staining: A concrete driveway can be made more attractive by adding color. It can match the home's design or add an element of interest to the landscape. This process takes place before the slab sets and increases labor and materials costs.
  • Stamping: A skilled concrete driveway contractor can stamp patterns and textures onto the slab to give it a new dimension. Concrete driveways are more expensive than brick or concrete, but they can give the driveway the appearance of marble, tile, or inlaid stone.
  • Heating: For people who hate shoveling snow they can install heated coils to slow-melt the accumulations. This feature makes shoveling easier and reduces the chance of falling and slipping from ice buildups.

Concrete driveways can still be a cost-effective and affordable way to improve your home. The cost of a basic slab is high, but it provides a good return. Even though little extras can increase the initial cost, they offer lasting value.

Get a professional concrete contractor

You should hire concrete driveway professionals to improve your home. Because professionals have experience with this type of work, they know how to spot problems and produce quality results. If people attempt DIY installations to save money, driveways often crack and need to have their driveways replaced.

Hire a skilled concrete driveway contractor to avoid costly mistakes and save you money over the long term.



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