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When is the Best Time to Have a Driveway Repaired?

Nov 30

When is the Best Time to Have a Driveway Repaired?


How to tell if your asphalt is damaged


If your driveway seems to be getting worse over time, it might be time to have it repaired or replaced. It can be hard to discern if the driveway you see is normal wear and damage or something to worry about. We are experts in driveway installation and repair in Chesapeake. Contact us if you'd like our paving specialists to inspect your driveway to advise you on possible future actions. The following four signs may indicate that your driveway should be repaired or replaced.


  • Potholes


Potholes on driveways and other surfaces form when the ground below the asphalt freezes. The ground expands when water freezes. It contracts when the water melts. Potholes can form because ground expansion and contraction are constant processes. Potholes could also be a problem for your car's suspension. Potholes may be repaired but will not resolve the problem.


  • Cracks that appear quite large


Cracks on a driveway can become more than an eyesore. Cracks in driveways may allow oil, salt, and gas to leak into the cracks. This may cause the cracks to grow and deepen. You need to schedule driveway repair for small cracks. This will help prevent future cracking or worsening of existing fissures.

Drainage issues


You can also tell if water is accumulating or not draining from your driveway. The asphalt may begin to crack if water is allowed to pool or sit in one location of your driveway. This can lead cracks to form and potholes.


  • Fading and discoloration


Over time, the sun will cause your driveway to darken and fade. The sun's powerful ultraviolet rays could cause damage to your driveway. Depending on the age of your driveway and its condition, sealing it may be possible to prevent even more damage. However, it is a better option to replace the driveway if the foundation has become too weak.


  • Weather conditions

It is best to have asphalt mended once it has reached around 175°C. Below that temperature asphalt will not form any solid bonds.


This is why spring and summer are the best times to get it fixed.


Let's find out why these are some of the best months to repair asphalt driveways.


  • Weather Perfect for Repairs


As we have said, asphalt repairs should only be done when the asphalt remains at 175°C. This asphalt will be more able to mix well and bond better, ensuring its long-term durability. Sealcoating, however, should only be done when the surface is at least 40 degrees. This can be done best in the spring.


  • Materials available


Asphalt plants typically close or operate at a reduced rate during winter. This is due to the fact it isn't the best time of year to use their products and services. This means that it will be harder for you to locate materials. And even if your search is successful, you will pay more if the material was purchased during peak season which is spring and fall.


There are many reasons why you might need to hire professionals to repair or replace a driveway. Our specialists are knowledgeable and well-trained when it comes time to repair or replace driveways. We are happy to offer a consultation so that you can determine the best route to take to make sure your driveway is safe and lasts a lifetime.


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